As a self-taught artist, I make art in response to what I’ve encountered throughout my life. I am a person of color born in Puerto Rico, living in the United States. I am Afro-Caribbean. My body of work tackles many forms of oppression: police brutality, systematic racism, the wealth gap between the rich and the poor, and colonialism. I work from the aftermath of pain, loss, suffering, courage and resilience. I envision a revolutionary moment, an apocalyptic-like atmosphere of past, present and future. 

My compositions comes in the forms of Afro-futurism, modern & contemporary arts, along with a street art swag, grieving through loss. This allows me to have full range of creativity within the layout of the artwork. Religious characters and deities frequently symbolizes hopefulness and malice into my narrative by creating hopeful dreams.

As a Community Artist I transfer my studio practice into public spaces. As a muralist, teaching artist, curator, ambassador to my own guerrilla-style art projects, and performer I often ask myself, "How much space can I occupy within this public setting?" I design installations in which audience/viewers interact with the materials I provide, blurring the line between spectator and performer.