Airforce1,  2020 Carlos Daniel Perez-Boza

As I find new forms to explore my creative practice I experimented with videos as a tool to add an animated layer to my drawings and paintings. Airforce1 is a college of paintings and drawings alongside with historical context to address the oppression that's been embedded in the United States of America. 

The Romance Attunement, Carlos Daniel Perez-Boza, Nicole Rose Gelormino, 2020

The Romance Attunement is a collection of drawings put into motion. In Collaboration with Nicole Rose Gelormino we were inspired by the idea of tarot cards. We collaborated on single slides to then bind them into a book format. In part of the Santa Rosa film festival in partnering with the Santa Rosa Public library 2020, both Nicole and Carlos where invited to present their zine. Due to the pandemic, we thought about how can a zine be presented effectively giving the limitations to in person presentation of a physical object. This silent film hoped to capsulate and comfort the views from their homes.